Branded and White-Label Experiences
The Unlimited plan allows you to use custom branding to personalize your augmented reality experiences.

Complemented by a custom domain, these branding options allow you to develop white-label experiences for your company or your customers, without any mentions of MyWebAR.

To access the branding options, create a new experience or open an existing one and go to the Branding tab on the Quick Access panel on the left.
The available branding options include:
Welcome Screen - a splash screen that the user sees when they launch your experience on their device.

You can upload your own logo or image, change the button text and set up the colors of the background, button and text.
Loading Animation - an icon or animation that is displayed while the content of your experience is loading.

You can upload your own animated GIF with transparency to replace the default dots, change the loading text and its color.
Camera Watermark - an overlay image that will be visible to the user at all times on top of the camera feed.

You can upload your own logo or image, set it to be displayed at the top or at the bottom of the screen, change its opacity and add a hyperlink to it.
Helper Message and Icon - the hints that instruct the user how to activate the experience.
Object Loading Placeholder - an image that is displayed in place of the objects that haven't loaded yet.
Make sure to save the changes you make on the Branding tab by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the screen and publish your experience to make the changes live.